Boomdee Style

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There’s a lot going on when I’m away, I’m doing something fun nearly every day!  I’ll spend days in my craft room  making something pretty. Especially in winter in the house with my kitty’s. I might not even be at … Continue reading

Beneath My Bed

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We once had an aqua playhouse, way up in a tree. But everything’s now dark and dead, where the garden use to be. A wicked witch took over, when a gate was left ajar. Now goblins fly around the walls, … Continue reading

Shortcut to the Fairy Garden

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The Shortcut ************ You might not really notice, Up top, there’s something new. I’ve  made a little shortcut, I put it there for you. If you ever want to visit, and Fairy Garden’s make you smile, just knock once at … Continue reading

Tea With Friends From Far Away

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Are you not simply amazed by all the technology we have at our fingertips these days?  It can be hard to keep up. Just considering we went from this: to this   to this       I do my … Continue reading