You’ll Be Hooked Too

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Today I post for a special friend,  because this is her ‘Happy Place’ and it’s something I can do from here ❤ You might remember, last spring, Julia from Defeat Despair graciously hosted me on my very first trip to … Continue reading

Laugh Louder, Smile Brighter and Live Better

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Have you noticed, that since you started Blogging, you’ve made better friends with your local post office? They’re not as scary as I thought.  This one was quite tame actually 😉 It seems sometimes, that the art of letter writing … Continue reading

Plain Or Fancy

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Aloha from Boomdee’s travelogue. Getting into the island groove is not too hard at all. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that one of the things I like most about being on a holiday is to indulge in a nice … Continue reading

Warm California Sun

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As you heard, I took a trip down California way. With my ladder, map & sack, in Alys’s garden I spent a day.   A special place you’ll all agree, it almost seemed like home. Much bigger than my Kingdom, … Continue reading

Roses Make Me Thirsty

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The first thing I noticed about Napa are all the stunning roses.  There’s a beautiful scent around every corner.  You really can’t walk five feet without been struck by another rose, more beautiful than the last.  It’s heavenly. They must … Continue reading