Here’s That Recipe

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Hello again and welcome! What prompts you to post? Fun things you’re doing?  Cool things you see along the way? I’m posting today because I was asked for a recipe. Well, then I got out my little vintage aqua recipe … Continue reading

California Style

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Greetings my friends!  For those of you out in the cold and snow, my regards……   So sorry for rubbing it in :D,  Nah, I’m not really, hehe.  We’re enjoying a wee mid winter break in one of our favourite … Continue reading

I Could Live With Less, But That’s No Fun At All

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We’ve been enjoying a spectacular Fall in Edmonton with warm days and beautiful colours everywhere. It’s typically time to think about ‘Fall cleaning’ and all that entails. This year, for me, it’s a little busier than usual. We’re emptying a … Continue reading

Tick – Tock I Love My Clock

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What do you think would happen if YOU finally found something you’ve admired from afar and longed to own forever and ever ?  Would your heart skip a beat? That’s what happened when (( Alys )) took me over to … Continue reading

Vintage Style Makes You Smile

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As you may know, I have a thing for vintage luggage.  A while back, I bought a set of three, ugly, vintage suitcases for $5.00 on Kijiji, an on-line classified site in Canada. If only the seller could see them … Continue reading

Tour Da Jour

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Every city seems to have its historical areas with grande old glorious homes. You know, they’re the one’s you need a bazillion dollars to buy, landscape and refurbish. Were you hanging out here when I posted about Old Glenora last year? … Continue reading

Boom Box Four – I Love It Here!

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Good Grief, I know you must be rolling your eyes by now 😀  So many BOOM Box’s showing up.  I promise, I’m going to take a wee break, RIGHT AFTER I surprise Betsy, come join us in the garden. Since I … Continue reading